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Star Chart
A Rewards Chart is a proven tool to motivate kids to accomplish goals and develop good habits. Reward Charts are also called Behavior Charts, Chore Charts, Incentive Charts and Star Charts.
Every time a child accomplishes a task - such as completing their homework, a star (or any other shape) is added to the reward/Behavior/incentive/star chart. This is similar to sticking a sticker on a paper chart.
This provides the child instantaneous positive feedback and a sense of accomplishment. Watching the stars grow provides more positive feedback and reinforces the Behavior.
Setting a definite goal to reach a certain number of stars/points gives kids something to work toward and look forward to.


  • Add stars/points from anywhere
  • Add all the kids in your family, class or school
  • Assign goals and rewards
  • Each kid can have one or more goals
  • Assign common goals to all kids in one step
  • Kids have their own page
  • Kids can monitor their goals, rewards and progress
  • Add pictures of rewards to increase motivation

All kids and their progress at a glance

All kids and their reward charts

Detailed Goal Progress

Detailed Reward Chart with graph